The viral beauty world is a very dynamic and puzzling one. While we have experienced weird trends such as corkscrew nails, bow brows, and others- the nail tattoo, on the other hand, is cool and glamorous. All over Instagram currently, the latest beauty trend is shaping up to be the next big thing. Who would have thought fingernail tattoos would be a thing.

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you must have observed this next level manicure to your fingernails on your feed. Leading the pack to champion this cause is a group known as Needle Nails. A peep into their Instagram page will show you varieties of intricate as well as minimalist designs of various nail tattoos.

Based out of New York and Los Angeles, Needle Nails is headed by Ambie Stapleton and Christian Boyd. The idea behind the beauty trend was inspired by JonBoy, a celebrity tattoo artist according to Boyd- a lifelong multimedia artist.

So how long does it take to tattoo ones nail?

Give or take, the process can take up to three hours. While the session can take from one to three hours, the duration is entirely dependent on two major factors: number of fingers being tattooed and the intricacy of the designs. Another thing that can also take time is design consultations.

According to Stapleton who runs the event, the consultation process is a collaborative effort between the clients and Boyd. They usually come with their ideas, while Boyd even makes it better with his expertise. Just like tattooing your skin, nail tattooing is pretty much the same except for the actual application. Unlike your skin, the nail surface is firm and stiff.

The skin is flexible and adaptable that you can do different kinds of stuff on it. The nail, on the other hand, is just a small steady surface with a skin underneath. If you are not careful and you go too deep, there might be a blowout. Therefore it requires a high level of skill and expertise.

Am I going to feel any pain?

Although the process takes time, it is a painless process. Stapleton, spotting one too corroborated further that it doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels like a small vibration, and in fact, the process is therapeutic. Boyd noted that while some clients have shown up to their appointments being nervous, they always leave with relief and genuine happiness at the end.

Are the tattoos permanent?

The price of each tattoo can range from $40 to $400 majorly due to how sophisticated the design is and the number of nails. When you compare this to skin tattoos, there is no much difference. In spite of their similarities in price, nail tattoos don’t last forever unlike body tattoos. Depending on the growth of the nail, they can last up to six weeks. 

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