As our natural hairs, our hairpieces or synthetic hair wigs also require great care, maintenance, and cleaning. This will help your synthetic wigs to look best for a long time and increase their longevity. Wigs and hairpieces made up of synthetic material require specific combs and particular hair car formulated products that keep them healthy and make them to look natural. This is not necessary to wash these wigs, but their cleaning includes some tips and methods. You can clean your synthetic hair pieces with special hairpiece shampoos, conditioners, and styling spray according to the material of your synthetic hairs.

This article covers some valuable tips that you should follow to improve the longevity of your synthetic wigs and hair pieces.

De-tangle your hairpieces

Before washing your wig, it is crucial to de-tangle every strand of the wig. Do this task with great care. For this purpose, one can use a wide tooth comb. Comb your wig with a light hand and gently remove every tangle from the hairpieces. Remember don’t to pull or drag the fiber of your wig. This will damage your synthetic hairs.

Washing of wig:

Hot water damages the fiber of the wig so always use cold water for washing. Fill a bowl with cold water. Now mix a capful of any high-quality shampoo into the bowl and fully immerse your wig or hairpiece into the bowl. Soak your wig into the water and carefully rub it to get rid of dust.

Rinse your wig:

Now take out the wig from the shampoo and shift it into another bowl filled with cold water. Place the full wig into the pot and wash it to remove the all shampoo from it. Be careful while performing this whole procedure and do not squeeze or wring your wig or hairpiece. It will damage the strands and material of your wig.

Apply conditioner:

Sometimes the only use of shampoo will make your wigs rough and dull. For avoiding this situation, it is crucial to wash the wig with any synthetic wig special conditioner. Apply any conditioner of your choice directly to your wig and stroke it from roots to the downward position with light hands. Take this step slow and don’t do massage. Leave the conditioner almost for 4-5 minutes and rinse your wig with cold water thoroughly.

Dry the wig:

Don’t use wet wigs. Don’t do comb, rub, wring, twist, brush or comb your wig after washing. Place your wig on the large folded towel. Pat dries the wig for 3-4 times. Never squeeze and twist the strands of your wig while drying it. Make sure the wig dry properly. Now remove the wig from the towel.

Styling and dry hairs:

For regaining the style of your wig, gently shake it. An alternative way of regaining its style is light combing on your wig with the help of wide comb or your fingers. Dry your wig naturally by placing it on the mouth of a large jar or vase. Never use the hair dryer for your wigs because the heat coming from the dryers damages the material of synthetic hairs.

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