Tired of rough and split hairs in winter? The chilly weather combined with dry indoor heat of HVAC is the only reason of dry, split ends and breakage of hairs. Yes, it is true pals, breakage of hairs are not the only problem of the summer season. This also happens in winter. To have fantastic mane in all year, you have to follow few tips mention in this article. This article will help you to fight most of the hair problems in this winter season.

Let’s have a brief look at these tips.

Use shampoo often:

Shampoo will help you to fight with an itchy and flaky scalp. Plaques on the skin will cause itchy and flakiness during chilly weathers. Many of the salon owners recommend some lightning up cleansers. This technique is perfect for oily or fine hairs. You can cleanse your hairs without weighing them down. Many specialists also suggest maintaining a healthy diet.

Use an oil-lock moisturizer:

Blasts of dryness are not suitable for hairs. Extra moisture is the only way to get rid of dryness during winters. Naturally wavy, curly, coiled and relaxed hairs are sensitive to cold weathers. For protecting your strands from split-ends, breakage and rough texture use heavy oil-lock moisturizer on your hairs. In this way, you can save the texture of your hairs.

Keep your hairs hydrated:

Try to focus on weekly hair treatments. This is the best way to keep your hairs hydrated and full of texture. In this way, you can also fight to replace lost moisture. During winters, there is not enough moisture in the indoor air that is the leading cause of hair fall. Use hair conditioner with your shampoo and massage your hairs with a good quality hair oil massager for 30 minutes. This will penetrate moisture into the hair shafts.

Don’t do heat-heavy hair styling

All the dryness and heat cause split-ends and breakage of hairs. For protecting your hairs from damage, ones can use heat protection leave-in conditioners. In the winter season, it is safe to try few protective hairs styling such as braids, buns, twists, waterfalls, high tails and ponytails. These styles will provide your hairs some time-off from heat styling routine.

Line winter hats:

In winter people use hats of cotton, wool, and other coarse fabric. But most of us don’t know that these fabrics are also the cause of split ends and breakage of hairs. The only solution to this problem is to use silk or linen clothes as lining in your hats. You can sew your own linings by measuring your hat. You can use old silk blouse and silk scarfs for this purpose.

Hydrate your hairs overnight:

In winters, the air blow is dry and leaches the moisturizer from your hairs. Do you also face mess on your pillowcase in winter? Dryness is the only reason for this problem. One with curly and dry hairs can relax, and texture hairs hydrate nightly with a moisturizer enriched with fatty acids.

These are the few tips that will help you to fight against various hair problems.

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