After a long hectic day, hand massage nourishes, moisture the hands, enhancing the beauty of hands by removing dead skin cells. It can help in relaxing your body as well. Obviously, massage is the thing that can help us in getting mental peace too. Hand massage is offered by the professionals at different massage centers. You can do it yourself otherwise professionals are also available for a manicure. General steps for manicure are mentioned here to guide you in manicure.

Apply enough massage cream or lotion on hands and gently smear it on the whole hand and around the wrist with soft hands. Hands in this step must not be stretched, they should be in a relaxed position. The amount of the cream should be enough to avoid any pain after the massage .

Step 2

Take the customer’s hand in your hand, gently massage both sides of hand and wrist with gentle pressure movements of your hand. You can use both palm and your fingertips during a manicure. It should be relaxing for the customer as well. Sometimes, when you use massage tools to massage customer’s hand, it causes pain.

Step 3

Open the palm and apply gentle massage with your thumbs, it should be in a circular motion starting from the center of the palm and stretching towards the margins. The same procedure should be adopted for the back of the hand. You need to be polite while doing the massage as if you go hard then there will be no advantage of doing any type of massage.

Step 4

Use your thumb and fingertips to rub the fingers, start rubbing from nails and continue towards the back. Rub two finger at a time and make sure your nail must not hurt the fingers while doing this.

Step 5

When you have done with hand massage continue massage towards the wrist with your thumbs by gently pressing them.

Step 6

Carefully spread the fingers and again massage the whole hand in circular motion.

Step 7

Hold the hand in your hand, turn the wrist towards the right and then left. Repeat this for few times to release the tension at the wrist.

Step 8

Finish the manicure or hand massage with repeated long, soft and relaxing motions, stating from fingers extending towards the wrist.

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