Every woman tries anything in her power to avoid aging. Don’t worry, getting older can be some pretty awesome thing. You are aging and getting older and damn proud of it. It’s a truth; we all want to look younger in our 30’s without Botox. You can also look more youthful and beautiful in your fourth decay.

Here are some makeup hacks that every woman should have to know.

  • Smoky Eyes:

Black sometimes can look too dark around the eyes. After applying the go-to smoky makeup, we realize that the black sooty powder is not just looking cool with all smudges of the dust under the eyes. You just have to be careful while applying smoky makeup. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be complicated and switch it up as needed. A soft smoky eye makes with nude or peach lip color looks perfect for the women in their 30’s.

  • Lighten Lip Color:

As we ages, our lip line begins to become thinner. Don’t use darker shades on your lips that can make you look harsh. With a pinkish nude and light berry color will boost the natural color of your lips and make their shape more prominent. The light lip colors also brighten your whole face at night times. For an illusion of plumper lip pout adds some touch of glass.

It’s all fun and little bit quirky to wear bright red color lipsticks at day times. Remember; make your mascara, liner and a highlighter simple with glossy and matte lip colors.

  • Mascara:

As we age, our lashes also lose their volume and become thin. We always use mascaras that add volume to our lashes and actually weigh them down. It’s time to switch your mascara and use one with lengthening formula. Wide eyes look amazing on some women by 30, so focus on the middle part of the lashes to get a wide-eyed effect.

  • Blush:

Blush blending is those beautiful bright powders that instantly illuminate our cheeks. From the teenage, we have been told girls to smile widely and apply blush to the apples of the cheek. As we ages, we also lose volume (let’s call it baby fat) on our cheekbones. It’s better to go higher on cheekbones with pink or brown blush powder that perfectly lift your features.

  • Lighter on Brows:

Nobody loves dark colors on brows that make your entire look fake. Apply one shade lighter than the shade of your brow hairs. Use soft, short strokes to fill extra areas and go smooth all the way to the ends. In this way, you can get fuller and elegant looking brows.


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