Who knew that the condition of your nails actually says a lot about your health? It is important to take care of your finger and toe nails and go see a dermatologist once in a while. Nails are the best indicator of one’s internal health.

You need to protect and improve your nail health by taking following precautions:

Use your own tools at any nail salon

This is probably the best thing you can do for your nail to keep them healthy. This can save you from many fungal development which can be caused by using shared instruments that aren’t appropriately sterilized.

These fungal infections are here to stay due to unsupervised nail salons parties which younger girls are opting for nowadays.

Some salons also have antifungal liquids and gels which they offer their clients. But make sure to take your dermatologist’s opinion on those as they can harmful for your skin.

Opt for nail shellac instead of nail polish

If you have brittle nails you should consider using nail shellac in place of the traditional nail polish as it as the similar materials which are used in dental sealants. And the best part is that it could last up to 6 weeks without chipping, smudging or scraping off.  Moreover, it can be made of many colors with glitters and foil confetti added options available. Nail shellac really helps to keep the nails hydrated and in good shape.

This is the main reason why it is becoming more and more famous in the market nowadays. It is applied on the nails in 3 coats and after every coating you are required to put your nails under UV light dryer.

To save the eyes from any kind of harm which UV rays could cause, we would suggest the manicurist to where protective glasses.

Include Biotin supplements in your diet

It is highly suggested by many experienced dermatologist that one should add biotin supplements in their diet to keep the nails healthy. We are suggested to take 2.5 milligrams of biotin every day. It is a Vitamin B supplement which is known to strengthen your nails.

Don’t forget the gloves

Make sure to wear gloves whenever you are doing any wet work, gardening or any kind of house chore. This can provide protection to your nails and save them from breaking. As the water can cause breakage when paired with heavy-duty scrubbing to your nails.



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