Your problem will be solved easily by reading this article. Here I have prepared the list of all important things. Applying artificial nails at home, it may sound complicated but not in reality. If you’ve ever made a try of putting fake nails by a DIY gel manicure, then you can easily apply your artificial nails. How will you know that your application of applying nails go smoothly? I’ve gathered some important tips for you about putting artificial nails. This information is something which you have to know.

These important tips are as follows.

>The correct size of nails:

Not at every time all the artificial nails are same. In the market, different manicure kits are available in various sizes. Pick up the package which size is equal to your natural ones. The brand with equivalent nail size looks realist after applying.

>Prepared nails:

Make sure your nails are prepared to bear artificial nails. If you are wearing any nail polish remove it from the entire nail carefully. Make sure your nail’ size and shape are equivalent to artificial nails.

> Washing and drying:

Pay attention to the washing of your hands. Carefully clean the nails and pay full attention to cuticles. Make sure you completely dry your nail and around the cuticles.

>Trim cuticles:

Trimming of cuticles is an important part of your body. So pay good attention to them. For proper fitting of artificial nail, gently push your cuticle backward. Don’t use cuticles oil because it can affect the nail glue and prevent it from the secure application of glue on your nails.

>Curving of false nails:

Don’t forget about the shape and curve of your nails. In the market, nails with different shapes are available. Some may come in curvy design or some in straight. Curviness of nails depends upon you. How you want your nails’ shape or which curvy design may not irritate you in doing your daily jobs.

>Looks of artificial nails:

Which looks of artificial nails best suits you? It’s all depends upon your choice. You want a fine finish or smooth look or want to do some fun with your nails. Try many of the printed acrylic nails with different nail arts. This is the best way to save your time.


You have to reshape and trim the top areas around your false nails and probably the same work with your naturals. Nail shapes of every other person are different from each other.  Not all the time the acrylic nails fits well to your nail’s bed. For the purpose of realistic finish make use of a nail file and manicure scissors. Pay full attention and completely dry the artificial nails.


Try to maintain them on your nails by taking good care. Regularly check them in the morning if they are adequately fixed or not.

> Removing process:

Don’t rip them off abruptly. It must damage your real nails. Use instructions provided on the backside of your artificial nails kit. Use some good nail removing products available in the market at different price levels.

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