Makeup brushes are the necessary part of our beauty routine. Every makeup artist knows that the fineness of your makeup relies on the tools you usually use. Do you know how much dust, humidity, and fluff is making your brushes unhealthy for use? Above all, do you know what is inside your makeup brushes? There are bacteria, active, living and breeding the long chain of bacteria. This so creepy to used makeup brushes for a whole month without cleaning and taking care. Brushes are also made up of different materials such as natural bristles, synthetic bristles, lash comb, tweezers and drying brushes.

In this niche, you are going to learn a few techniques to take care of your make up brushes in easy and quick ways.

Care of nature bristle brushes:

Makeup brushes that you use only for dry products such as powder, blush, , and shimmer can only be clean once a week.

Brushes that are made up of natural bristles are very sensitive to use. You can use shampoo and beauty bars to clean them. You can clean your natural bristle brushes, eye makeup brushes or blush on brushes with shampoo and massage them gently. Only use shampoo when the colors you are using are not too dark. In daily routine, most of the women use neutral colors and shampoo will deeply clean your brushes. You just have to follow some points. First of all, rinse the brushes in water and swirl it into the beauty bar and leathers them. Massage the brushes and clean them. The same steps go if you are using shampoo. Make sure you rinse the brushes carefully until the water runs clear.

Care for synthetic bristle brushes:

Synthetic brushes are used for liquid or creamy products like gel linear, lipsticks, gloss, cream blush, concealer, and foundation. The cleaning of these brushes is essential. The wetness of these creamy or liquid products causes germs. You can use alcohol-based brush cleanser is the best way one can use for cleaning her synthetic bristle brushes. Today, every girl is a fan of smooth and creamy kinds of stuff like lipsticks, gloss, and gel linear. Alcohol helps your synthetic brushes to break from stickiness and grease. For better hygiene, you should be tossed these types of brushes and replace them with the new one after every four to five months.

Care for powder puffs:

Powder puffs are the upbringing ground for bacteria. Clean your powder puffs with warm water and soap every week. The powder puffs that come with compact packs are something very important in the makeup kit. The puff will not last until you finish the powder. So, just change your compact packs after the use of weeks.

Wash lashes brushes, tweezers, lash combs and curlers:

Tools we use for our lashes are also an important part of makeup. The woman often neglects their lash tools and forgets to wash them. The cleaning of these tools is not so difficult. You can easily clean them by using alcohol-based brush cleaner. Spray this cleaner on your makeup tools and rinse them thoroughly with water until the water runs clean.

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