Arts of different styles on nails become more popular among young girls and women. These designs and art come in lots of polishes and forms. No matter what is the age of a lady, she wants to add these styles and want to try something new.

Below there is a list in which easy, elegant yet stylish looking nail art designs are mentioned. Let’s have a look at them

Combination of black nail paint and starch:

By using black color nail paint with cornstarch, you can create the polka dotted style. Make smooth finish borders with black nail paint around your nails and make use of toothpick or dotting tool to create this elegant style.

Flowers nail art:

Design of half flower created with nail paints looks stylish and tantalizing on nails. These type of nail arts with sleek and smooth finish require touches of professional artists.

Fruits design:

For creating the watermelon look on your nails. Use peach or red color triangles and make lines around them with green nail paint. Use any dotting equipment to give a look of seeds. It’s all up to you to make this style on your all nails or just on two fingers. You can make any fruit design with the help of amazing colors nail paints.

The pattern of color blocking:

This nail art style is especially for toenails. This may give your feet more classy and simple look. For creating this style, use two contrast colors with strip tape.

Halloween nails:

If you want to look unique yet stylish than try this Halloween nail art designs. For this purpose, use black base coat and for creating flames either use red or orange nail paint.

Making skulls:

This style is especially for young girls. Make goofy skull art on nails with white and black nail paint. Try this nail art on Halloween and rock.

Character painting:

You can make any cartoon hero style. Like for creating Batman style use nude and black nail paint. Like this, you can also create many Disney characters.


Nowadays, sparkles are included in nail paints. Glitters give more stylish and stunning looks to your nails. Black and white nail paint with amazing glitter is what you need for creating this swirl design.

Triple color nails paint art:

You can also use triple better contrast colors to create this nail art. Navy blue with white and nude color nail paint goes well with each other. Create shadow effects of your choice which will look elegant on your nails.

Crayon Art:

For school girls, try these simple crayon nail art designs.

Nail art of animal print:

Animal prints also look good on nails. This style is created with a French manicure with some animal skin printed stickers.

Nail art by hand drawn:

Create unique nail arts by doing hand drawing and crystal enhancement.

Shimmery nail art:

If you don’t have time to wear one or more nail paints. You can either go with the complete glittery art style. This trick will also make your nails look stylish

You can use any of the nail art option above-mentioned.

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