Manicures are something significant for women. Women are known to be extremely conscious of their beauty choices.

Precisely, why we all women love those pamper sessions at salons especially the manicures. Good News _ there is no end of the manicure types. There are various options available today as salons offer many hot services to choose.

Here, I am listing some marvelous manicures that most of the millennials love today….

  • Basic Manicure:

This is the simplest and elegant in all forms of manicures. Your hands will soak in the warm water tub followed by a hot oil massage. After the massage, a base coat is applied to your nails. After cure and buffering, the primary layer and top coating are applied. In this way, you can get elegant looking nails; even you can try this at home.

  • Paraffin Manicure:

Do you have dry and rough hands? Paraffin Manicure is the best choice for you. It’s an amazing alternative way to give your hands a spa. You just have to dip your hands in the paraffin wax and follow 4 usual steps. In this manicure, you have to sink your hands more than 7 times in the paraffin wax before applying the nail paint. You can not only soften your hands but also get therapeutic benefits with Paraffin Manicure. Paraffin wax is also used to infuse the skin with instant moistures combine with grape seeds oil. The chic basic nail polish finish gives your hand a stimulating tempts look.

  • Hot Oil Manicure:

Want to get well-moisturized and nourished cuticles? Hot Oil Manicure is a lavish hand massage with a customizable blend of moisturizing natural oils. This is the most luxurious and relaxing manicure among all types. Hot oil massage is the best favor that one can do to dry hands.


  • Brazilian Manicure:

In this manicure, the main focus is your cuticles. The Brazilian Manicure also includes the removal of the extra part of cuticles to expose nail bed. All the things are done with a unique clipper called Brazilian Clipper. Nail polish is not only applied to your nails but also to the exposed skin. In this way, you can fully cover your nails, and excess nail polish is later wiped off.


  • Reverse French Manicure:

On the casual side, you can also consider Reverse French Manicure. This manicure type is best for round shaped long nail patterns. In Reverse French Manicure, it’s necessary to push back cuticles with the cuticle pusher. In this manicure always bright color nail paints are selected to apply. This look is famous for high-fashion runways in Europe before achieving bulk popularity.

With the so many options, these are the best ones. Choose one that suits your preferences well.


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