Do you have short nails? Or you don’t know what type of nail art on your short nails will go with your outfit. With the help of different nail art designs, you can make your short nails look large in size. Here, for your convenience, the list of classy and ideal looking nail art designs is mentioned. Just take a look on the detailed list.

 Nail art with red and black nail paint:

The combination of red and black contrast each other in a very best way. You can use various and different styles of patterns and sections. Instead of applying nail paint on your complete nails, you can directly go with making borders and stripes with red and black color.

Nail design with multi colors:

You can add more diversifies color in the combination black and red. For looking classy with your short nails, add silver glitter with tons of dots on it.

Nail art with different cartoon characters:

By making cartoon heroes and cartoon characters on your nails will also give the unique and trendy look to you.

Matte effected nail art:

Now a day’s touch up of matte in makeup makes your looks even more stylish. You can also add matte effects on your nails which can make your short nail look even more fabulous. Black and violet nail paint combination gives glorious and tremendous looks to your hands.

Cute nail design with glitters:

With cute little kitty face, your short nails look cool. You can spice up this nail art by using the combination of vibrant color golden nail paint for background and black color for making cute kitty face. You can also enhance this nail art by using golden Rhine-stones crusted for eyes and nose.

Halloween nail art:

Don’t know which nail design looks good on your short nails than try with nude and black color nail polish to make characters on your nails. You can make horror yet stylish looking nail arts.

Use of studs in nail art:

For more classical and fascinating nail art designs for short nails, you can add studs in your art. Arrange the studs in a line from top to bottom with the background of pink color nail polish. Make some cute strips along the edge of studs with black nail paint.

Zigzag nail design:

If you don’t understand which nail art will look good on your short nails, then zigzag with creamy and pure red background looks perfect on your short nails. You can go on by applying red color on the whole nail and make strips from the remaining color.

Rainbow styling:

You can also go with simple bright and colorful patterns. You can make a rainbow with putting shades in an inclined shape.

Nude nail art:

You can also give your nails a classy look with nude color background and just add some tiny leopard prints on it with black nail paint.

Above there are the 2018’s best-listed nailing art designs for short nails. You can go with any of this according to your outfit occasion and the looks which you want.

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