No doubt, artificial nails give your fingers elongated and slim looks. If the growth of your real nails is slow or they won’t grow, then you can use acrylic nails. These nails are not so harmful but in the procedure of putting them and taking them off may cause you allergic. This allergy is caused by the chemicals used in this procedure.

By taking acrylic nails on your real on your real ones cause several damages. Like by the hard stick of artificial nails on your natural ones make them fragile and weaker. These nails look beautiful but put terrible pressure on your nails and irritate the skin which is surrounding the nail.

The acrylic nails may give your fingers slender look, but they risk the health of your natural nails. For removing these artificial nails, you have to use acetone or fill your artificial ones with it. This acid cause many damages to nail and the skin around the nail. This is not enough, you have to visit salons ones or twice a week to fill the gaps which occur between our artificial and natural nails. These salon touchups cause intractable issues to your natural nails. They become brittle, rigid, thin and week.  Frequent use of acrylic nails vanishes the shine and polish on your real ones.

Yet you love using artificial nails but want to keep secure real nails too. Here are the few tips recommended by many of the dermatologists which help you to reduce risk level to your natural nails.

  1. Use of gel nails:

Use of gel nails instead of acrylic nail goes smooth and little ease for your natural ones. Flexibility is the property of gel nails, so they don’t put immense pressure on your nails like acrylic nail art. After using these gel nails, you’ll love to wear flexible and less putting pressure nails rather than hard, rigid and acetone filled.

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  1. Use of LED curing light:

UV curing light radiate radiations which are stronger and cause damage to the natural nails. Gel nails required UV radiations to get rigid and hard. Use LED curing light which emits lesser levels of radiant UV beams and decreases the cause of damage.

  1. Skip the trimming of cuticles:

When you get any kind of manicure, your cuticles are also being trimmed. Cuticles are said to be the protective shield for your nails and the surrounded skin. Your nails also become rigid, sturdy because of trimming process. Frequent trimming of cuticles makes the clear road for bacteria to enter in your skin and cause damage and infections. So if you want to reduce the chances of infection so ask the nail technician to skip your cuticle trimming.

  1. Use on special occasions:

Everyday use of artificial nails may cause nail pigmentation which later causes severe infection issues. So the solution to the problem is only that you can reduce the use of acrylic nails in your daily routine. You love the looks of artificial nails, no problem wear them on special occasions it may not risk the health of your skin and natural.

By keeping in mind, the tips mentioned above help you in recovering the natural polish and softness of your nails.

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