Who doesn’t want strong and gorgeous nails? But literally, all the things we do in our daily life conspire against it.

But there are now many products in the market which can assure your good nail health and give your nails some space to breathe.

But the truth is, all of these products would only work if you change your everyday habits for good. Here we are listing down some tips to maintain your nail strength and save them from any kind of damage.

Control water exposure

Never forget to put on gloves while doing the dishes. Also, never soak your nails in bath and pool for a longer period of time. Try to minimize the water exposure to maintain healthy nails.

Drink plenty of water 

The only way to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy is by hydrating them. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help you feel better and look better. Try and take a balanced protein diet to ensure your nail health.

Keep short nails

If you think your nails are weak, try to keep them short to build up strength. This way it would be less likely for them to break as there would be less exposed edges and less area to absorb water and other fluids. Use a nail filer now and then to make sure they are in a proper shape.

Use cuticle cream and oil often

You need to keep your nails and cuticle moisturized to avoid hanging nails or dry skin which always result in a bigger problem. Cutting cuticles, when done wrong, can be really painful. It can also make way for bacteria to enter into your nails.

You can choose cuticle oil to keep them soft and hydrated. This would also let you to keep them pushed back.

Make a DIY olive oil soak for nails

Many people use olive oil to soak their nails in it to keep them strong. Many other oils such as coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, argan oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil also serve the same purpose.

Take one of these oils in a bowl and soak your hands in them for about 10 minutes. Get the blood circulating by massaging them well into your nails and cuticles. You can have a better result if you soak your nails into these oils at night and wear gloves afterward. This would ensure your good nail length and would keep them looking gorgeous.


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